Still working on the wool

After much advice from the ladies at, and speaking to the lovely lady at Dharma Trading, I have come to several conculsions:

  • Rit dye is bad. Rit has combined a protein dye and a cellulose dye to cover all possiblities. The results is a dye that doesn't work well on either (though by all accounts does work better on protein fibers)
  • Acid dye is good. It's great for protein fiber AND it sticks only to the protein, NOT to the washer. NOT ONE BIT. This is a Very Good Thing, because it means my DH will not object to me dying the fabric in the washer. Which makes my life much easier.
  • Acid dye is expensive. Which means, next time I should buy the wool off Fashion Fabrics Club for 10.00 a yard and save myself all this freaking head ache. Because in the end, that's about what I'll be paying!


Wool... after

This is after using 2 packs of Rit Color Remover :-/. Not exactly what I expected. And the entire house smells like perm solution. Bleugh.

It seems to be more of a pink color... so possibly using red would make it burgundy. At least if I try a true red first and it's not deep enough I can always add more brown.


I should probably do a color swatch to check. Nah.....

And now, for something completely different


Yes, my friends. That elusive fabric (where I live anyway... IF you can find it, you'll pay 16.00 to 20.00 a yard) that I have been waiting for winter to work with.

I got some. For a mere pittance a yard. 100% worsted wool, in a twill weave. it's soft and lovely. and 60" wide. A period seamtress' dream, you say? Hah!

It's a horrible color.

Somewhere between mud and tan, lies my poor wool.

And tonight is the night. I'm going to turn this ugly duckling into a swan.

I'm going to do my best to document this transformation. First I'm washing it, then I'll remove the color from it with Rit color remover. Then I hope to tub dye it a burgundy/wine color. Then fashion it into it's new life as a 12th century bliaut.

We shall see.

Here is the wool before washing:

Black Dress Sold, Viking Dress Finished

And the weirdest night of my life as I got called up to court to recieve my AOA... *again*. Yes, that's right, again.

I'm guessing someone didn't check the database for the royals. But I was really pleased to get another AOA from TRM Kateryn and Edmund. They were both very complimentary and gracious. And I was so much less nervous, if a bit puzzled! My second scroll is even more beautiful than the first, if that's even possible.

So, now I guess, I'm Lady2 or Lady squared... or something.

Sirkka did buy the black dress, I hope she's happy with it! I'll post when she lets me know.

I did finish the Viking dress and got a lot of compliments on it. Even if it was belted....but I need somewhere to carry my bling!

In the future maybe slits so I can access the things hanging off the belted undertunic.

Pictures to follow....

I did get a pattern for fleece slippers today that I think I can modify into some linen socks. And I cut and almost finished a handsewn Viking Cap at Flame. In fact, I cut two. All I have to do is lucet some cord for the ties, and finish the ends. Possibly an A&S entry. Shall have to see since regional next year is about a 7 hour trip one way for me.

That's it for now.

Viking Apron Dress

Well, I've started it.

I'm not great at picture taking, so most of the pics were way to dark to be posted. :-( Maybe I can get some tomorrow when it is light.

I sort of made up my own pattern, as I found a bunch of different opinions online of how these were made in period.

I knew I didn't really like or want the wrap around style, so I just used two front panels and two flat topped gores on each side. I ended up also with two smaller gores that I could have placed in the front and back of the dress, but I felt that would be overkill. I used the extra material to make facings. More tomorrow...or, since its 1am, today.

Dress for Sale

I made this gown for myself and wore it just twice, once for court and once at the Lord of the Rings museum exhibit. It fits a 60" bust, and has a 100" hem and black and gold trim on the arm seams and at the hem. The neckline has hand embroidery with gold beads. The sleeves are fitted.

It measures 57" from shoulder to hem. It's too short for me. :-(

I had thought about fixing it. But, since I have a bolt of black linen, it seems it would be easier to just make another. Gowns for the larger busted woman are very hard to find. And there was a lot of handsewing involved in this gown (mostly on the trim).

Pending Projects

Do I have to? OMG, there are sooooo many.

But I will begin with what is first on my plate and then go from there:

Linen socks. Yep. I want 'em!

shoes from Lady Oren (okay, I'm not making those, but it's on the list of acquisitions!)

Finish Viking tunic

Make apron dress to match (thereby showing off my stunning brooches I got from Accolon Shadowhawk, a good friend that brought them back from Pennsic as payment for some sewing I did for him. Wayyyyyy overpaid, I was! They are gorgeous.)

Middle Eastern Garb

black linen harem pants

white gauze tunic

Gwazee coat (yeah, I know it's a 19th c. garment, but I love it)

Whoo Hooo!

This will be my dress diary. Where all my crazy schemes come together to make one big 8th-14th century fashion explosion. :-)


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