Double Take

I've decided to make a dressmaker's double.

It's getting increasingly hard to figure out fitting on myself and while I know I have nice garb it would be nicer if it fit me better.

I'm not wrapping myself in duct-tape. There is another way.

On the web, I found instructions to make a muslin double. Basically is like a GFD except you make it from heavy muslin with a zipper up the back. Obviously, I need to enlist help in the pinning process. Once you get it pinned and marked, you cut yourself out, sew it up with the zipper then wet it down and put it back on. It then has to dry on your body. That's going to be the uncomfortable part! Then, you stuff it with foam pads and batting.

Should be an interesting project!

I will definitely post the results here.

I also finally purchased the Burgundy dye from Dharma Trading for the wool I posted about in this blog so long ago. I also finally bought 4 yards of Linen from I needed some dark green linen and JoAnne's never had anything that color (plus it's back up to full price), so I jumped. With shipping it was 8.75 per yard. Not bad. Now, if the quality is as nice as their customers say on their web site....


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