And now, for something completely different


Yes, my friends. That elusive fabric (where I live anyway... IF you can find it, you'll pay 16.00 to 20.00 a yard) that I have been waiting for winter to work with.

I got some. For a mere pittance a yard. 100% worsted wool, in a twill weave. it's soft and lovely. and 60" wide. A period seamtress' dream, you say? Hah!

It's a horrible color.

Somewhere between mud and tan, lies my poor wool.

And tonight is the night. I'm going to turn this ugly duckling into a swan.

I'm going to do my best to document this transformation. First I'm washing it, then I'll remove the color from it with Rit color remover. Then I hope to tub dye it a burgundy/wine color. Then fashion it into it's new life as a 12th century bliaut.

We shall see.

Here is the wool before washing:



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