Viking Apron Dress

Well, I've started it.

I'm not great at picture taking, so most of the pics were way to dark to be posted. :-( Maybe I can get some tomorrow when it is light.

I sort of made up my own pattern, as I found a bunch of different opinions online of how these were made in period.

I knew I didn't really like or want the wrap around style, so I just used two front panels and two flat topped gores on each side. I ended up also with two smaller gores that I could have placed in the front and back of the dress, but I felt that would be overkill. I used the extra material to make facings. More tomorrow...or, since its 1am, today.


Sirkka the Shieldflattener 8:09 PM  

Here's a website that I'm using to make a Viking apron dress--

and for Finnish Viking--

Lady Sirkka the Shieldflattener

Sirkka the Shieldflattener 9:14 PM  

I opened it yesterday and it's WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you!!!!


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