Still working on the wool

After much advice from the ladies at, and speaking to the lovely lady at Dharma Trading, I have come to several conculsions:

  • Rit dye is bad. Rit has combined a protein dye and a cellulose dye to cover all possiblities. The results is a dye that doesn't work well on either (though by all accounts does work better on protein fibers)
  • Acid dye is good. It's great for protein fiber AND it sticks only to the protein, NOT to the washer. NOT ONE BIT. This is a Very Good Thing, because it means my DH will not object to me dying the fabric in the washer. Which makes my life much easier.
  • Acid dye is expensive. Which means, next time I should buy the wool off Fashion Fabrics Club for 10.00 a yard and save myself all this freaking head ache. Because in the end, that's about what I'll be paying!




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