Still working on the wool

After much advice from the ladies at, and speaking to the lovely lady at Dharma Trading, I have come to several conculsions:

  • Rit dye is bad. Rit has combined a protein dye and a cellulose dye to cover all possiblities. The results is a dye that doesn't work well on either (though by all accounts does work better on protein fibers)
  • Acid dye is good. It's great for protein fiber AND it sticks only to the protein, NOT to the washer. NOT ONE BIT. This is a Very Good Thing, because it means my DH will not object to me dying the fabric in the washer. Which makes my life much easier.
  • Acid dye is expensive. Which means, next time I should buy the wool off Fashion Fabrics Club for 10.00 a yard and save myself all this freaking head ache. Because in the end, that's about what I'll be paying!


Wool... after

This is after using 2 packs of Rit Color Remover :-/. Not exactly what I expected. And the entire house smells like perm solution. Bleugh.

It seems to be more of a pink color... so possibly using red would make it burgundy. At least if I try a true red first and it's not deep enough I can always add more brown.


I should probably do a color swatch to check. Nah.....

And now, for something completely different


Yes, my friends. That elusive fabric (where I live anyway... IF you can find it, you'll pay 16.00 to 20.00 a yard) that I have been waiting for winter to work with.

I got some. For a mere pittance a yard. 100% worsted wool, in a twill weave. it's soft and lovely. and 60" wide. A period seamtress' dream, you say? Hah!

It's a horrible color.

Somewhere between mud and tan, lies my poor wool.

And tonight is the night. I'm going to turn this ugly duckling into a swan.

I'm going to do my best to document this transformation. First I'm washing it, then I'll remove the color from it with Rit color remover. Then I hope to tub dye it a burgundy/wine color. Then fashion it into it's new life as a 12th century bliaut.

We shall see.

Here is the wool before washing:

Black Dress Sold, Viking Dress Finished

And the weirdest night of my life as I got called up to court to recieve my AOA... *again*. Yes, that's right, again.

I'm guessing someone didn't check the database for the royals. But I was really pleased to get another AOA from TRM Kateryn and Edmund. They were both very complimentary and gracious. And I was so much less nervous, if a bit puzzled! My second scroll is even more beautiful than the first, if that's even possible.

So, now I guess, I'm Lady2 or Lady squared... or something.

Sirkka did buy the black dress, I hope she's happy with it! I'll post when she lets me know.

I did finish the Viking dress and got a lot of compliments on it. Even if it was belted....but I need somewhere to carry my bling!

In the future maybe slits so I can access the things hanging off the belted undertunic.

Pictures to follow....

I did get a pattern for fleece slippers today that I think I can modify into some linen socks. And I cut and almost finished a handsewn Viking Cap at Flame. In fact, I cut two. All I have to do is lucet some cord for the ties, and finish the ends. Possibly an A&S entry. Shall have to see since regional next year is about a 7 hour trip one way for me.

That's it for now.


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