Pending Projects

Do I have to? OMG, there are sooooo many.

But I will begin with what is first on my plate and then go from there:

Linen socks. Yep. I want 'em!

shoes from Lady Oren (okay, I'm not making those, but it's on the list of acquisitions!)

Finish Viking tunic

Make apron dress to match (thereby showing off my stunning brooches I got from Accolon Shadowhawk, a good friend that brought them back from Pennsic as payment for some sewing I did for him. Wayyyyyy overpaid, I was! They are gorgeous.)

Middle Eastern Garb

black linen harem pants

white gauze tunic

Gwazee coat (yeah, I know it's a 19th c. garment, but I love it)



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