Who am I?

I'm so much more than a seamstress, and while I intended this blog to be about sewing... I wonder if I shouldn't put myself out there... who I am etc..

Frankly, I find it strange that people use blog's as 'tell all's'. It's like little snippets of reality shows 24/7.

What do people know about me? What do they NEED to know? ACK. There are many parts of me that are not shared. I wonder if that is a good or bad thing?

I can see the 'blog as therapy' concept working for people. Splash your feelings out there, but in a sea of emotions, who's reading? or who's reading me?

Now for the strange part.. who's reading that I don't know is reading?

Maybe I'm paranoid. Maybe no one is reading at all.

You would think, with my fiction writing, I wouldn't care who's reading, but my fiction is anonymous (well, maybe, anyone with half a brain could look up at least one of my domains, but there's the trick, I rarely give the email with that domain out - *snork* except it's on the Kingdom webpage! Is that subconscience? LOL!)

I think I worry what people will think of me, if they know my chosen hobbies. What perceptions do they form because of the SCA, sewing, fencing, writing?

Maybe it would make people like me more and I'm holding back 'the good stuff'?

Where am I?

I've been in a whirlwind of sewing, that's where. HRH (Now HRM) Lutr recieved his tunic by Gulf Wars and placed it into Midrealm Regalia at Coronation.

I took this to mean he didn't care for it, which is fine. Fighting garb is very personal, and prehaps it didn't fit or was too long or any number of things. I hope, after all the work and the horrible bout of tendonitis I suffered after it, that there will be another early period Prince that finds it suitable. If not, I have learned one thing.

I don't enjoy applique.

That said, I am now working on Heraldic Cloaks for Midrealm Regalia. First for Prince and Princess and then for King and Queen. These are light weight cloaks, for Pennsic, and are heavy duty and sturdy. I am enjoying putting them together and watching as they unfold. I'm working on the back of the Princesses' cloak today.

We also have friends that are playing in Crown at the end of the month, so I am hoping to get them finished by then.

Tabard for Regalia/Tunic for a Prince

In December I completed 1 tabard for Midrealm Royal Regalia, I still have one to go. I am now working on a custom tunic for HRH Lutr. This has a more celtic dragon on it and is better suited to his armor. I hope to have it completed by Gulf Wars. I will also be working on cloaks for THR.

Slip Sliding Away

The year is going... soon gone.

I've made little progress on some things, a lot of progress on others. I made a fighting tabard for Regalia, but I'm not really happy with it. Others seem to think it came out nicely, so I'll have to live with that. I'm my own worst critic!

Fighting Tabard

I have been busy. Pennsic sewing kicked my butt and then we came skidding into Rendezvous. I've sewn a couple things since Pennsic. But none so difficult as an appliqued tabard for His Highness.

This piece will go into Regalia for future HRH, and so, I was determined to get it right. There are mistakes, but apparently I am the only one that notices them. I think that's pretty normal.

I cursed. A lot.

I stayed up late.

And HRH Lutr said the end result was "outstanding."

Which makes me ridiculously happy.

He has asked me to make a fighting tunic similar, but with an early period knotwork, erm... okay. :-)

Double Take

I've decided to make a dressmaker's double.

It's getting increasingly hard to figure out fitting on myself and while I know I have nice garb it would be nicer if it fit me better.

I'm not wrapping myself in duct-tape. There is another way.

On the web, I found instructions to make a muslin double. Basically is like a GFD except you make it from heavy muslin with a zipper up the back. Obviously, I need to enlist help in the pinning process. Once you get it pinned and marked, you cut yourself out, sew it up with the zipper then wet it down and put it back on. It then has to dry on your body. That's going to be the uncomfortable part! Then, you stuff it with foam pads and batting.

Should be an interesting project!

I will definitely post the results here.

I also finally purchased the Burgundy dye from Dharma Trading for the wool I posted about in this blog so long ago. I also finally bought 4 yards of Linen from http://www.fabrics-club.com. I needed some dark green linen and JoAnne's never had anything that color (plus it's back up to full price), so I jumped. With shipping it was 8.75 per yard. Not bad. Now, if the quality is as nice as their customers say on their web site....

Tired is as tired does

urg....I hate sewing sometimes. I threw a bodice in the garbage tonight. I'm tired of tearing stuff apart to fix the mistakes. This one wasn't going to be worth it, so I just chucked it in the bin. *waves goodbye*. And then? I started a new one! So far, this one is coming out nicely. I revised the pattern and found a way to use some of the massive roll of twill tape I bought for my corset (and never used and still working on the corset!) to reinforce the boning. Has this viking gone mad? Probably. I swore I'd never wear 16th C. stuff, but since the fencing bug bit me....

Our "Smurf" capes were found! Or at least Tormod of Meridies calls them that, which gives me a giggle, since that's pretty much exactly what they look like! It seemed a bit silly I guess to be asking around after them, but, mine at least was made in that night-before-sleepless-round-of-sewing-before-the-event and since I was nervous about the authorization etc... it's sort of a keepsake. I'm funny about stuff like that. I'm sure Lord Tormod though so as well, as he said he would "call off his dogs" when I told him they were found (I had asked him to see if someone from his area had picked them up for safekeeping or by mistake). He has such a delightful sense of humor... among other redeeming qualities. I do hope to see him again. I especially hope to watch him fight. It is a thing of extraordinary beauty. *curtsy* to you, My Lord Tormod, if you are reading - I do believe I'm enchanted. :-)


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