Who am I?

I'm so much more than a seamstress, and while I intended this blog to be about sewing... I wonder if I shouldn't put myself out there... who I am etc..

Frankly, I find it strange that people use blog's as 'tell all's'. It's like little snippets of reality shows 24/7.

What do people know about me? What do they NEED to know? ACK. There are many parts of me that are not shared. I wonder if that is a good or bad thing?

I can see the 'blog as therapy' concept working for people. Splash your feelings out there, but in a sea of emotions, who's reading? or who's reading me?

Now for the strange part.. who's reading that I don't know is reading?

Maybe I'm paranoid. Maybe no one is reading at all.

You would think, with my fiction writing, I wouldn't care who's reading, but my fiction is anonymous (well, maybe, anyone with half a brain could look up at least one of my domains, but there's the trick, I rarely give the email with that domain out - *snork* except it's on the Kingdom webpage! Is that subconscience? LOL!)

I think I worry what people will think of me, if they know my chosen hobbies. What perceptions do they form because of the SCA, sewing, fencing, writing?

Maybe it would make people like me more and I'm holding back 'the good stuff'?


Joel 8:45 AM  

Personally, I fall with the 'blog as therapy' category. And using it as bait for people to see my photography.



passean 11:03 PM  

It's really crazy to me to reconnect after all these years. It's strange to read blogs, fiction etc and find a part of you I never knew. Was this fascination with "Middle Earth" always there? Did you always sew? I can't remember...


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