Tired is as tired does

urg....I hate sewing sometimes. I threw a bodice in the garbage tonight. I'm tired of tearing stuff apart to fix the mistakes. This one wasn't going to be worth it, so I just chucked it in the bin. *waves goodbye*. And then? I started a new one! So far, this one is coming out nicely. I revised the pattern and found a way to use some of the massive roll of twill tape I bought for my corset (and never used and still working on the corset!) to reinforce the boning. Has this viking gone mad? Probably. I swore I'd never wear 16th C. stuff, but since the fencing bug bit me....

Our "Smurf" capes were found! Or at least Tormod of Meridies calls them that, which gives me a giggle, since that's pretty much exactly what they look like! It seemed a bit silly I guess to be asking around after them, but, mine at least was made in that night-before-sleepless-round-of-sewing-before-the-event and since I was nervous about the authorization etc... it's sort of a keepsake. I'm funny about stuff like that. I'm sure Lord Tormod though so as well, as he said he would "call off his dogs" when I told him they were found (I had asked him to see if someone from his area had picked them up for safekeeping or by mistake). He has such a delightful sense of humor... among other redeeming qualities. I do hope to see him again. I especially hope to watch him fight. It is a thing of extraordinary beauty. *curtsy* to you, My Lord Tormod, if you are reading - I do believe I'm enchanted. :-)



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