I realize I am a failure at blogging (havn't posted since February?), but I don't mind so much as I just helped Calyvorri make a gorgeous cotehardie that came out *perfect*, if I do say so myself. Of course, she started with a perfectly gorgeous Burgundy linen... yummy....

hummm, speaking of yummy...

Most of the men in the SCA are so courteous, kind, honorable... and I could just melt when someone is chivalrous and handsome...and well spoken. If only all men understood this small concept.. you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous - you just have to make women think that you are. Simply use the old courtly ways and we'll be swooning. Such a shame more guys don't realize this. Even some SCA guys could benefit from a class in courting... :-)

I'm sewing like a bandit for Pennsic now, but all attempts at a decent fencing shirt that will cover the sisters as well as the rest of me seem to fail miserably. The last one was like a huge bag and the one before had shoulders so dropped, the sleeves looked horrible. I'm of a mind to just buy a couple of shirts at Pennsic.

jumping to the next subject...

FENCING! I felt I had a nice "on" day at Border Raids, even if I was slaughtered, but by heaven I should have been, facing all kinds of experienced fencers - the recipients of high level awards in their kingdom. But yesterday at practice... WTF? My arm was like a spaghetti noodle and I felt like I was moving through water. It was horrible! And the melees... urgh. I really dislike melees so far. I thought I was conquering my fear of getting hurt, but not so much....at least I can still follow the command to 'stay alive'. Just when I think I might be getting better at fencing, the melees cut me right back down to 'newbie'. It's confusing, I can't focus, I feel like Luke Skywalker with that ball and he's got blinders on with the light saber. Except I can't find The Force. *sigh* Practice, practice and training.....sometimes I wonder if my mind is really suited to this. I KNOW my body is NOT! LOL


Talon 11:44 PM  

My lady I think you did well at practice...Hell you had me on my knees longer than most woman do. LOL


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